Radical Mental Health

This is a blog and twitter feed that explores identity and radical mental health. It is a mix of personal and ideological. It explores many aspects of mental health in a way that questions necessary pathologization.

About Us

We navigate the world as white, able-bodied, and visibly trans-female spectrum.  We identify as gray-asexual, demiromantic, neurodivergent, and polyamorous.


We are a plural-spectrum entity having multiple selves/identities. From a psychiatric/clinical perspective, we meet the diagnostic criteria for either dissociative identity disorder (DID) or otherwise specified dissociative disorder (OSDD) as subclinical DID. However, we strongly question the necessary pathologization of such categories and do not often see our plurality as a disorder.

We call our system “cedars” (referring to the body and all the identities that body contains). We often (though not always) refer to ourselves using “we”, especially when talking about our system. We will use singular pronouns to refer to our individual identities. Our body is 35 years old.

It is important to note that plural-spectrum entities can describe and understand themselves very differently and using different terminology. Our description of ourselves and our system is specific to us.

Mental Health

We experience a great deal of depersonalization and derealization. Though annoying, It is rarely debilitating as it likely exists as a defence mechanism allowing us to function in the world. We also experience intrusive thoughts, triggers/flashbacks, high anxiety, mood instability, other dissociation issues, and sensory overload.


We began changing our sex at age 29, and are continuing to explore gender identities and expressions that work for us. We collectively navigate the world as non-binary.

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