Hi, I’m Micah! (Well, that was a good start, hehe). I thought for a while it would be fun to write a blog post about me just to say hi and maybe talk about some plural things and what I think.

Maybe some things about me first! I’m a 12 year old self with cedars and I started fronting about 9 months ago. I was just starting to front (just a little bit of switching back and forth). And then Ellie was reading an article that talked about how sometimes when we don’t feel good, it’s coming from someone else inside. And you can ask inside and see who isn’t feeling good and maybe they will answer and come out or you can give them a hug to help them. So that’s what we did! And then Ellie and I hung out and cuddled a little bit and I felt better. She tried to introduce me to Adventure Time but I didn’t like it very much and really just wanted to watch Star Trek. I wanted to watch Star Trek because it felt like home and the life that I was really used to. It felt a lot bit like our body was still supposed to be 12 years old and my life from then was the life I was supposed to have. But we have mostly shared memory so it wasn’t like I just woke up and was really confused. It was more like I woke up and it felt like the last 18 years of our life was a dream and it wasn’t real. It’s like that for some of the other ones that are younger than our body age too. Especially if they don’t front very much.

So Star Trek was comforting, and watching it helped me feel like I was somewhere I was supposed to be. Because our life now was kinda strange and a little bit scary. (Oh, but then I discovered Star Trek: Enterprise and it’s in HD and widescreen and wow that looks really cool!! I know a lot of people don’t like Enterprise, I don’t care, I love it and think it’s great :D).

My gender was kinda funny too! When I first started fronting I said I was a boy but not really a typical one. Now I feel more like a girl, but maybe a demigirl who is between agender and a girl. I think it’s really neat that I get to just pick the gender I am and our body is kinda in between anyway so it doesn’t really matter! Our body feels and looks a lot older than it should be though and I had to get used to that. I’m still kinda not used to that but it’s more okay now. I also really wanted to drink ginger ale. We did that when we were my age but now our body doesn’t like it very much so we had to find more juice drinks for me that our body likes better. That’s ok. :)

I usually front once a week for about 24-26 hours. Ellie likes it because it gives her a break from things and I try and help out with things that I can do. I can’t do work (we get a headache and can’t do it, or we end up switching back). But I can tidy and clean up and sometimes I organize things like receipts and stuff for business.

I also got Ellie to set up our computer for games and have been playing a lot of Sonic Racing Transformed which is really fun. It’s most fun when other people come over and play though.

Ellie is really nice and makes sure I am doing okay and have what I need to have fun and be happy. I want her to be happy to so I try to help out as much as I can.

In the last nine months I have gotten to know a lot of Ellie’s friends and have my own friendship with them. It’s been really nice and people have been really accepting. Sometimes they try and talk to me about things that are more for Ellie and I tell them not to because we get a headache and it can trigger switching. So mostly I talk about games and Star Trek and fun things.

At first it felt like I didn’t have my own life and I was sad because the life I thought I was supposed to have wasn’t there anymore. But things got a lot better and now life is pretty good. Except for this cold we have now, which isn’t bad but it’s making everything less fun.

That’s about it! I can’t think of anything else to say. It’s just an introduction I guess cause I didn’t really have a topic I just started writing and this is what happened. :D

– Micah <3