I recently changed the name of our blog from “radical cedar” to “small cedar forest”. Our twitter account changed similarly to @afewcedars. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. The original name “radical cedar” came from a desire to push ourselves out there, to communicate perhaps controversial opinions unabashedly. It’s not that “radical” wasn’t accurate; it referred to both “radical mental health” and the ways our views differ greatly from those in mainstream mental health systems. It’s just that “radical” has more edgy associations than we felt comfortable with.

The new name, “small cedar forest”, sounds (to us) softer, more gentle, and more in line with our most common nature. It also refers to us directly; “cedars” is our system name and together we make a small forest.

I finally want to acknowledge that this is the first post in almost a year. I don’t see any need to post just for the sake of posting, and don’t pressure myself to write when I don’t feel motivated to do so. Having said that, however, I am working on a few new things that I hope to finish in the next week.